Battery Assembly and Duplication.

Our workshop is equipped to assemble custom packs in Ni-MH and Ni-Cd chemistries. If you have a battery for duplication or a special one-off assembly, please contact us for a quote.

Battery Repacking
is a great way of bringing your old battery pack back to brand new condition.
This process involves disassembling the pack completely, removing all of the old internal cells, and replacing them with brand new cells. Spot welding equipment must be used to achieve a quality rebuild. Our workshop is equiped to do this.


Benefits of Battery Repacking
- Repacking your old battery can be cheaper than buying new.
- Higher capacity cells can often be fitted enabling longer battery run times
- Repacking is a good option when if your battery is hard to obtain new or no longer produced

Repacking limitations
Battery Repacking and duplication economics has changed somewhat over the last few years. Many battery types are now considered unsuitable or uneconomical to repack due to the availability of brand new, cheaper generic replacements such as is available on this site. Some battery chemistries are also not suitable for Repacking such as Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)

Batteries unsuitable or uneconomical for Repacking
- Mobile Phones
- Cordless Phones
- Laptop Computers
- Camcorders-
- Digital Cameras
- All Lithium packs (packs marked Li-Ion, Li-Poly)
These chemistry types are far too dangerous to repack with saftey.
- Cordless Drills.... especially sub $100.00 budget versions like GMC, Ryobi, ARLEC, WORX, etc. ..These are generally NOT economical to repack!

Generally, if your battery is available on our website as a new replacement, then it is likely to be a cheaper and easier option to buy it new than to repack.

Batteries suitable for Repacking and Duplication
- Discontinued battery packs-
- Battery packs used in industrial applications and specialised instrumentation such as surveying equipment etc.
- Hobby Packs

Please contact us for your requirements.