Finding the correct battery replacement can be a very confusing exercise. When device manufacturers release new products they very often also release a new version battery as well.

Using the Website search function:  Our website incorporates partial word search function.  Simply type in the part number (or even a segment of the part no.) and hit search. You can also search by entering the brand name like “Toshiba” or a key word like “Satellite”. 

Where to find part numbers: The part numbers printed the battery and model numbers found on the device are the primary methods used to correctly identify the replacement.

Mobile phones: Look on the battery for part numbers or look for a phone model by lifting the battery out and looking inside the battery compartment.  The print is often very small and you may need a magnifier!

Laptops: Most part numbers are found on the battery itself. Laptop model numbers are usually found on a small plate underneath the machine.

Cordless Phones: Look on the bottom of the handset, underneath the base station and on the battery for part numbers.

Digital Still and Video Cameras:  The camera model is the most accurate reference to go by due to constant changes in firmware.  Look underneath the camera  for this number in most cases.