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BFL2   Lead & Ring Terminals with 3A fuse for Battery Fighter Chargers
BCBD-FSB14   Black & Decker 14.4v
TWB-NTN5414MH   Motorola HT600, HT800 Ni-MH Battery
LCB281   High capacity 9 cell battery compatible with IBM R60, R60e, T60, T60p, Z60m, Z61e, Z61m & Z61p series and Lenovo Thinkpad R61 & Thinkpad T61.
LCB423   Compaq Presario , HP Batttery High Capacity - fits many types
MP3086   0 to 30VDC/0 to 3 Amp Regulated Variable Laboratory Power Supply
MP3087   0 to 32VDC Dual Output, Dual Tracking Laboratory Power Supply
MP3494   100-240VAC input 24 VDC 1.25 Amp regulated output switchmode power supply.
FY1503000   100-240VAC Input LiFePO4 4 Cell 14.4V Charger Output 3A + 2.1mm DC Plug
FY1202000   100-240VAC to 12VDC 2A 24W Switchmode Power Supply with 2.1mm DC Plug
LCB781   11.4V 4200mAh 47.88Wh LiPo Laptop Battery suitable for Asus LCB781
LCB378   12 cell 99W/Hr laptop battery compatible with Compaq Presario V3000 series and Presario V6000 series
JBC017-11   12 cell automatic quick charger/discharger AAA AA
12GB20C   12GB20C Drypower 12V 20Ah Sealed Lead Acid Hybrid Gel Deep Cycle Battery replaces 12 VF 20, CBG12V18AH, HZY-MR12-18, LPG12-17, LG17-12, GF12014YF, 12SB17C, LC-XC1221P
12LFP11.4   12LFP11.4 Drypower 12.8V 11.4Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Rechargeable Lithium Battery - Up to 4 in Series Capable
12LFP42HR   12LFP42HR - Drypower 12.8V 42Ah High Rate Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
12LFP45   12LFP45 - Drypower 12.8V 45.6Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
12LFP48   12LFP48 - Drypower 12.8V 47.6Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
12LFP50P   12LFP50P - Drypower 12.8V 50Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
12SB17WHR   12SB17WHR -Drypower 12V 3.4Ah 17W/Cell (10min) sealed lead acid high rate battery for standby and UPS
12SB34C   12SB34C - DRYPOWER 12V 34Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery replaces BP33-12, BP35-12, EP33-12S, EVP35-12S, PS12330
12SB35WHR-F2   12SB35WHR-F2 Replaces Panasonic UP-VWA1232P1
12SB7P-F1   12SB7P-F1 DRYPOWER Narrow Terminal 12V 7Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery replaces BP7-12, PS1270S, DM12-6.5, DM12-7, FG20721, CBL12V7.0AH, LP12V7AH, LP12-6.5, LP12-7.0, LPL12-6.5, WP7-12, NP1270, PB12/7, PS-1270, RM12-7.2, RT1270E, CP1270
BSE1210-INT-A   12V 1.0Amp 2 Stage Fully Automatic Lead Acid Battery Charger with Alligator Clips
12SB18TL   12V 18Ah Drypower Long Life Standby AGM Battery - 6-9 Year Design Life
12SB7.2TL   12V 7.2Ah Drypower Long Life Standby AGM Battery - 6-9 Year Design Life
BCH-EB12B   12v Hitachi, EB12, EB12B, EB12G, EB12H, EB12M, EB12S, EB120BL, EB1224, EB1220HS, EB1230H
BCMET-6.30073   12v Metabo, 6.30071, 6.30073, 6.31723
BCMET-6.31748   12v Metabo, 6.31729, 6.31748, 6.31776
BCP-EY9200B   12v Panasonic, EY9001, EY-9001, EY9006, EY9101, EY9103, EY9106, EY9107, EY9108, EY9200, EY9200B
BFP012   12v SLA Charger 4 Stage 5A
UEB-2   133 watt hour universal external laptop computer battery with USB output
BCA-B14.4MH-BP1   14.4v Atlas Copco, AEG, Milwaukee , B14.4, BF14.4, BX14.4, BXL14.4, BXS14.4, MX14.4, MXS14.4
BCMET-6.25476   14.4v Metabo 6.25476 - Refurbishment only
MET631749   15.6v Metabo, 6.31738, 6.31749, 6.31777
BCP-EY9136B   15.6v Panasonic, EY9136, EY9136B, EY9137, EY9230, EY9230B
BCP-EY9230   15.6v Panasonic, EY9136, EY9136B, EY9137, EY9230, EY9230B
JBC038-11   16 cell automatic quick charger/discharger for 1-16 AA & AAA NiMH cells.
BCA-B18   18v Atlas Copco, AEG, Milwaukee, 48-11-2200, B18, BF18, BX18, BSX18, BXL18, MX18, MXS18
BCMET-6.31739   18v Metabo, 6.31739
BCP-EY9251   18v Panasonic EY9251
BCR-ABP1801   18v Ryobi 2Ah Version, BCHI-18, 1322705, 1400672
BCR-1400672   18v Ryobi, BCHI-18, 1322705, 1400672,
NC2200USB   2 cell charger 1-2 AA or AAA NiCd/NiMH cells. Input via USB.
3P10-L1008-2.1mm   2 Cell Lithium battery Charger
CC39-600   2.1mm DC Connector to Hirose Connector
BCP-EY9021BMH-BP1   2.4v 3Ah Power Tool / Cordless Drill Battery suitable for Panasonic 9021B
BCP-EZ902   2.4v Panasonic, EZ902, EZ503,
GP23AE-BP1   23A, GP23A Alkaline Battery Replaces 1811A, 23A, 8F10R, 8LR32, 8LR932, A21, A23, BAT012, E23A, EL12, GP23A, K23A, L1028, LR23A, LRV08, MN21, MN23, MS21, N21, RV08, V23GA, VR22
BCP-EY9210B   24v Panasonic, EY9117, EY9117B, EY9210B
Sanyovis5   3000mAh nightstick insert
HT2551   32 Pce Security Screwdriver Bits
TB-18650IC34   3400mAh 18650 size Lithium Ion Torch Battery (sometimes called 18700)
MP3090   3V to 15 Volt DC 40 Amp Regulated Switchmode Laboratory Power Supply
PBC1S   4 AA Holder
NC41500USB   4 Cell Automatic quick charger/discharger
NC-100   4 cell Battery Charger
LCB343   4 cell battery compatible with Asus Eee PC.
NC42000USB   4 Channel Enecharger - 1hr Fast
4/HR-3UTG FLT-FUT   4/HR-3UTG FLT-FUT Flat with Futaba connector
439 Adaptor   439 Adaptor Lead
LCB304   6 cell 56W/Hr laptop battery compatible with Compaq Presario V3000 series and Presario V6000 series
LCB388   6 cell 58W/Hr battery compatible with Apple MacBook 13 inch
6/V15H-5D566-Laptop   6/V15H-5D566 Dell models 05D566 and 06P466 MBU battery
6SB3P   6SB3P - Drypower 6V 3Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery replaces BP3-6, PS630, DM6-3.2, DM6-3.3, HGL3.2-6, FG10301, NP3-6, LP6-3.2, WP3-6, LC-R063R4P, PS-630, PE6V3A, NP3-6
ICS1   6V / 12V 1.0A 7 Step Fully Automatic Lead Acid Battery Charger ICS1
6SB1.2P   6v 1.2Ah SLA Backup and Main Power Cyclic Use Medical Battery
LICB-18650-2S2P-HC-SQ   7.2V 6.7Ah High Capacity Square LiIon Battery with CE180 2.1mm DC Jack Bike Light battery
B7.2   7.2v Atlas, AEG, Milwaukee, B7.2
B2   7.2v Hitachi, D10D, D10DC, DRC10
MET631677   7.2v Metabo, 6.30069, 6.31677
EY9065   7.2v Panasonic, EY9065, EY9066B
LCB782   7.6V 60.80Wh / 8000mAh LiIon Laptop Battery suit. For MSI LCB782
PBC3   8 Cell Battery Holder
8-HR-3UWX-SQ-S   8 x AA NiMH square pack c/w CE-S connector.
UEB-1   80 watt/hour slimline universal external laptop computer battery.
R01-T6   800 LUMEN LED professional flashlight
MP3463   85 watt DC-DC Multi-Voltage Power Supply for in car use.
LCB296   9 cell battery compatible with Acer Aspire 5500, TravelMate Series
BCA-B9.6   9.6v Atlas Copco, AEG, Milwaukee, B9.6BX9.6, BSX 9.6, MX9.6,
MET631746   9.6v Metabo, 6.31746, 6.31728, 6.31775
MET630072   9.6v Metabo, 630072, 6.3007, 6.31721, 13315449000
EY9086B   9.6v Panasonic, EY9086, EY9182B, EY6181CRKW, EY6588CQ
LCB382   92P1138
PC1604   9v Duracell Alkaline
A24PX-BP1   A24PX , 532 3v Alkaline
A412   A412 Alkaline Test Battery
PC1500   AA Duracell Alkaline
HR3UGBP4   AA Sanyo HU-3UG 2700mAh Ni-MH
PC2400   AAA Duracell Alkaline
CTB93   Aastra 480i ,Aastra 23-0022-00, DeTeWe 480i, DeTeWe 23-0022-00
LCB208   Acer Aspire Acer Travelmate Series MS2169, 3500 etc
LCB468   Acer Aspire One replacement.
LCB467   Acer Aspire One Series
LCB469   Acer Aspire One Series
LCB397   Acer Aspire One, Aspire One A110, Aspire One A150
LCB213   Acer Aspire series BTP-AHD1
LCB198   Acer BATCL50L
LCB1   Acer DR35
LCB1S   Acer DR35S
LCB55   Acer Extensa 390 BTP-031
LCB56   Acer Extensa 610 Series BTP-X31
PDAB-N20   Acer N20, N20w
PDAB-N30   Acer N30 Typhoon MyGuide 2500 Typhoon MyGuide 2500 GO Acer 20-00598-02A-EM Typhoon BP8BULXIAN1
LCB107   Acer Travelmate 330 / 340 series BTP-25D1
LCB106   Acer Travelmate 520 BTP-34A1
LCB374   Acer Travelmate Acer Extensa battery
LCB380   Acer Travelmate Series
LCB354   Acer Travelmate/ Acer Aspire replacement Battery
LCB514   Acer, Gateway Aspire, Laptop battery
LCB353   Acer, Gateway, emachines replacement battery, AS07A71
PDAB-E3MIO2135211   ADAC BlueMedia 255 Aris 509GPS Aris T605 Medion MD95000 Medion MD95900 Mitac Mio 168
GPSB-HXE-W01   Adapt BT BT74R Adapt BT BT77 Altina Bluetooth GPS B&B PS-3100 ezGPS PS-3100 Fortuna Clip-On Bluetooth GPS Haicom 406-C Holux GPSlim 236 Holux GR236 Holux M1000 i-Blue 737 Ihren ETI-L11 ...
LCB150B   Advent, 442670800002, 442670800003, 6848400000, HP, Mitac, NEC, IPC, Advent
PDAB-BP-LP1230   Airis T610 Airis T620 Medion MD95157 ...
ALC9220MH   Alcatel,9220HZ
CPB-AH-01   Amoi INQ1 INQ INQ1 Three INQ1, Amoi AH-01 INQ AH-01, Three AH-01
2014-3001   Ansmann 2014-3001 AC/DC Delta 3 NiCd/NiMH 2700mA battery charger for 6 cell 7.2V & 7 cell 8.4V NiCd & NiMH R/C Hobby batteries.
LCB173   Apple , 661-2295, M7318 Powerbook, G3,
CPB-616-0428   Apple A1241 Apple iPhone 3G Apple MB046LL/A Apple MB048LL Apple MB499LL Apple 616-0372 Apple 616-0428 Apple HLP088-H1942
LCB133   Apple iBook G3, M8416, M8416G/A, M8416J/A, M9338G/A, M9338J/A, M9338J/B
LCB333   Apple Macintosh MacBook Pro 15 inch.
LCB99   Apple Powerbook 520 iBook, M8403, M8433, M8433G/A, M8433GB, M8626GA, M8626G/A, M8861LL/A, M8956G/A, M9337G/A, 661-2472, 6612472
ARB-URC-CB200   ARB-URC-CB200 3.7V 1850mAh LiIon Remote Controller battery suitable for Sonos Controller
GPSB-NTA2236   Arkon BT-339 Globalsat BT-318 Globalsat BT-318X Globalsat BT-335 Globalsat BT-338 Globalsat BT-339 GNS 5840 GNS 5843
LCB51   AST Ascentia DR202 Duracell, EMC36, ME202BB, NL2020, SL202, SMP202
LCB4   AST Ascentia J, 501482-001
LCB52   AST Ascentia P Series, 503012-001
LCB524   Asus 6 cell battery. Black colour, high capacity 4400mAh
LCB526   Asus 9 cell netbook replacement battery. Black colour ultra high capacity 6600mAh
LCB256   Asus A2 & A2000 series
LCB517   ASUS Asus 15G10N373800 Asus 90-NED1B2100Y Asus A32-M50 Asus A32-N61 Asus A33-M50 Asus L06206
LCB419   Asus EEE PC Series White
LCB418   Asus EEE Series
LCB537   ASUS Notebook, Netbook, Laptop Computer
LCB393   Asus R1 Series
LCB357   Asus V1 series replacement battery, Asus 90-NGF1B1100
CPB-35H00123-00M-BP1   AT&T T7377 AT&T Tilt 2 AT&T Tilt Pro 2 HTC A9292 HTC Captain HTC Cedar 100 HTC Dash 3G HTC Fortress HTC Imagio HTC Maple 100 HTC Maple 120 HTC Ozone
ATB-BP74TE   ATB-BP74TE 7.4V 850mAh 6.29Wh LiPo Battery suitable for Dogtra Edge Edge RT & Edge TX Trasmitters
CPB-35H00044-00   Audiovox SMT 5600 Cingular 2100 Cingular 2120 Cingular 2125 Dopod 310 Dopod 565 Dopod 566 Dopod 575 Dopod 577W Dopod 585 Dopod 586 Dopod 586W HTC Amadeus HTC Feeler HTC S310 HTC Sonata HTC Tornado HTC Typhoon I-Mate Smartphone III I-Mate SP3 I-Mate
AVP171   AVP171 Charging Adapter
MB942   Baby Monitor Battery Graco, H&H, Philips, Tomy
CTB95   Bang and Olufsen Beocom 4, 2HR-AAAU
CTB86   Bang Olufsen BeoCom 6000, Bang Olufsen 3HR-AAAU, GP70AAAH3BMXZ, GPT373
BAT412151084   BAT412151084 - Victron Energy 12V 165Ah (20HR) Cyclic AGM Type Lead Acid Battery BAT412151084
WP2s-Full-Set   Battery Charger - WP2s Full Set - by XTAR
WMB-1201324   Battery compatible with Sierra Wireless USB Wireless Modem (Aircard) models 595U, 875U, 880U, 881U as used by Telsta NextG for wireless internet access
PAB-MH29654-BP1   Battery For Altec Lansing IM600, IM620 InMotion iPod Dock Speakers
EBB-58-000083   Battery for Amazon Kindle 7/8 Generation eBook Reader EBB-58-000083
ARB-MH0707L   Battery for Autec Crane Remote Control Transmitters
ARB-590   Battery for CIFA, Effer, Fassi, Grues HMF, Marrel, Palfinger Scanreco Crane Remote Control Transmitters
TEB-4860   Battery for Eppendorf Research Pro Electronic Pipette
TEB-SIGMAPACE   Battery for Fluke Sigmapace 1000
ARB-BA203060   Battery for HBC Radiomatic Crane Remote Control Transmitters
ARB-BA209060   Battery for HBC Radiomatic Crane Remote Control Transmitters
ARB-BA225030   Battery for HBC Radiomatic Crane Remote Control Transmitters HBC Radiomatic FuB05AA
ARB-BA223030   Battery for HBC Radiomatic Crane Remote Control Transmitters HBC Radiomatic FuB06
ARB-BA210040   Battery for HBC Radiomatic Crane Remote Control Transmitters HBC radiomatic FUB10AA
ARB-68300510   Battery for Hetronic ERGO Crane Remote Control Transmitters
ARB-68303000   Battery for Hetronic NOVA Crane Remote Control Transmitters
ARB-68300900   Battery for Hetronic, Komatsu Crane Remote Control Transmitters
ARB-378.6692   Battery for HIAB XS Drive Crane Remote Control Transmitters
ARB-983.6721   Battery for Hiab/Olsbergs Crane Remote Control Transmitters
CPB-35H00228-01M-BP1   Battery for HTC Desire 35H00228-01M
TEB-0460-73366   Battery for Hunting Highvolt Check It MkII insulation tester
ARB-BT06K   Battery for Ikusi Crane Remote Control Transmitters
ARB-BT24IK   Battery for Ikusi Crane Remote Control Transmitters
SB-296118442   Battery for Ingenico iSMP Companion Point-of-Sale Payment Terminal
SHB14   Battery for Leimo Personal Grooming
PAB-MM50-BP1   Battery for Logitech MM50 Portable Speakers for ipod
PAB-NTA2479   Battery For Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere Speakers for iPhone/iPod
TEB-CARBOQC   Battery for MEP Instruments CarboQC CO2/O2 Measuring Module
TB-71392   Battery for Narva 71320 inspection light
CPB-BLP569-BP1   Battery for OPPO
ARB-15920530   Battery for Ozroll RF & NRF E-Port Controllers and RF controller 15.600.001, 15.601.001, 15.920.530
10/VH700DKZ   Battery for professional film camera replacing Varta 10/600DKZ and 10/V500RH
TEB-6000   Battery for Riser Bond 6000, 6000 XDSL, 6000 CTS STD
TEB-RD6000   Battery for Riser Bond RD6000
TEB-TDA1   Battery for Rover Instruments TDA-6a
TEB-RW500   Battery for Ruddweigh 500 Scale, Ruddweigh 200
TEB-SAS   Battery for SAS Super ISO Microbiological air sampler
TEB-EAA0278B04A   Battery for Snap-on MTG2500 Colour Graphing Scanner
TEB-TELEMANN1500   Battery for Telemann Digital TV Level Meter 1500 Series
TEB-TTC   Battery for TTC Interceptor 147 Communications Analyser
TEB-BS14.4Li   Battery for UNAOHM AP Series Real Time Digital & Analogue Spectrum Analysers
TEB-SWJ-3188D   Battery for Video Snake Pipe & Wall Inspection System
TEB-PT100   Battery for Yamaha PT100 Piano Tuner
BH501   Battery Holder Coin Cell Type
BK-18650PC8   Battery Holder for Lithium Ion 4 x 18650 size Battery
BCM-6780371   Battery Insert suit Makita 7.2v in handle
ARB-ATB1200   Battery pack compatible with RTI T1, T2 and T3 universal remote controls.: rgb(0
TEB-BP120   Battery pack for Fluke 123 and 124 and Fluke 43 and 43B
TEB-5600   Battery pack suitable for AEMC 5600 Digital Micro-Ohmmeter 10A
TEB-2129.91   Battery pack suitable for AEMC 6240/6250 Micro-Ohmmeter
TEB-6240   Battery pack suitable for AEMC Micro-Ohmmeter
TEB-2140.19   Battery pack suitable for AEMC PowerPad Analyser
TEB-SIGMA100   Battery pack suitable for Cashmaster Cash Counter
TEB-Ti25   Battery pack suitable for Fluke Thermal Imager Instrument

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